DC 485 Fuming Moose Parrots

This week, I’ve been in a bad mood, Fuming so to speak. I strip down more Socials, for the better methinks. Some Podcasters I know have hit a million downloads. Drunk Elks, and tattle tailing parrots, make my week go well. AC/DC release their own wine to the world, and music has been Elton John plans for a musical olympics.

Picture: Krissi Moses (Nick Maxim)

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You will hear:
Houdini Roadshow: Riding the Devil, Germany
Light in your Life: It Would Be Fine, Sweden
My Toys Like Me: Feathers, UK
Krissi Moses: You Know Who They Are, USA
Kidneythieves: Dead Girl Walking, USA
The Nu Shooz Orchestra: Point of No Return, USA
Englesstaub: Intempesta, Germany
Zvuku: Woodpile, Ireland
Artemis: Poison Arrow, USA
The Bruises: Mean What You Say, USA

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0 thoughts on “DC 485 Fuming Moose Parrots”

  1. That bit about the stolen parrot is remarkable. And I don’t know what’s going on in this video you’ve got embedded here, but based on the thumbnail image, I think I’m gonna have to find out.

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