Old Forest: Dagian

Old Forest

Old Forest have been around for a while, with members from the bands IN THE WOODS and CARPATHIAN FOREST, hence the name.
The sound of Old Forest on Dagian is much more atmospheric than we used to know them for their previous albums’ grimness: the large use of keyboards, effects and weird voices give them a value-add in terms of mysticism although keeping the band into a conceptual rawness that still roots them into classic Black Metal, with the final result that (for all these reasons) reminds us of the most glorious episodes of Necromantia’s career, sharing with them a similar dominant role of Bass guitar!
A great slab of UK Black Metal.
Check more details out on their Facebook Page, and a track will be featured on next weeks DarkCompass.

Kvelertak Recording

Kvelertak, Photo by Stian-Andersen
Kvelertak, Photo by Stian-Andersen
Kvelertak are currently working on their new album with producer Nick Terry (Lindstrøm, Turbonegro, The Libertines) in Norway — the first time the band has made an album in their native country — and they’ll be doing a headlining run of the U.S. in April, which is probably around the time the album will be released.
For now enjoy this track.

Musica in Aeternum